About Us


With 20 years experience in the housing market, founder, Tammy Monsell is dedicated to providing the best possible executive accommodation and long-term housing. Equipped with a background in hospitality, real estate, property management, and being a travelling business woman herself, Tammy has hand selected each property to ensure the highest quality, convenience, and luxury wherever possible.

First hand experience as a travelling business person has drawn Tammy to the need for high quality furnished accommodation. For many tradespeople and executives, travelling away from home is becoming a necessity to carry out business. The challenges that come with working away from home can negatively impact a worker, executive, entrepreneur, employee or subcontractor. It is our goal to reduce those stresses and effectively increase productivity while improving the quality of life for travelling business people.

In line with this goal, our furnished properties are expertly arranged with calming and luxurious furnishings so that our tenants can truly find sanctuary in their living space. Kitchen wares, linens, internet, and cable are just some of the needs of daily life that we delight to offer. Housekeeping services are also available so that your energies can be focused on what is most important to you. We appreciate the value of having a peaceful place to relax and wind down at the end of the day – a place that truly feels like home.

The housing shortage is an epidemic affecting so many municipalities. Being keenly aware of this, Tammy finds great satisfaction in providing suitable long term housing. Each property is maintained at a high standard, and older properties are updated to improve function, comfort, and stability.

We look forward to showing hospitality to you or your workers so your business can run efficiently!